Living in Hangzhou offers the perfect opportunity to experience the exciting combination of old and new China. Head to work in the thriving business district during the week, then visit the beautiful lake and old town during the weekend.


Directions for getting around Hangzhou by subway, bus, taxi, foot and bike.


Taste the delicious traditional Hangzhou cuisine.


Looking for somewhere to spend your nights, and entertain yourself? There are loads of options in Hangzhou, from clubbing to KTV nights!


Tips on where to go if you're looking for some retail therapy.


There are no Embassies or Consulates in Hangzhou, so you should check this list of consulates in nearby Shanghai.


List of the top sightseeing & tourist attractions in Hangzhou.


Planning a weekend away? Check out our suggestions for day trips around Hangzhou.

Cost of living

How much can you expect to spend living in the city? A random list of prices in Renminbi.